Post-2.6 Ideas

These ideas are to be implemented in the trunk code of the projects. They will form the main drive behind a new release. This new release is called post-2.6 for now, as it is not clear how big the impact for these changes will be. A new release may either be called 2.7, or 3.0.
  • Match the CreateProcess() call in the EH C code to the C# System.Diagnostics.Process way of using CreateProcess(). This would cause less unexpected behavior.
  • Offer a convenient way to redirect I/O for processes started using CreateAndInject(). (named pipes or mapped memory might be an alternative, though offering multiple would be nice too)
  • Compare the EH and Detours APIs, and synchronize if and where it makes sense to do so.
  • Investigate using the CLR hosting API (See Work Item 17199)
  • x64 improvements. Some of the x64 vs x86 seem overly complicated and are not optimized.
  • Look towards kernel level alternatives to some of the common hooking applications. Some of the methods of EasyHook are easier to do w/ mini-filters.

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