Information required about injection.

Oct 13, 2009 at 2:37 PM


Firstly thanks a ton for coming up with such an utility app to make developers lives easier!!

My query is not about easy Hook itself, but rather about a component that you have looked into while developing this project.

I am looking for an "injection" method through which 1.exe can be injected into 2.exe, both of which are running in the same user account. I do not really paranoid about the method, but it should not be detected by AV's or HIPS. 

Strangely, process injection is picked up by AV's and HIPS as a part of their proactive defense, and 95%, people make sure the cause of an AV alert is removed. 

I checked the board, there has been a few discussions about this and I am sure some of you have made serios inroads torwads tackling this problem.

Please share your knowledge.