Please recommend additional online resources

May 19, 2009 at 2:54 AM

Good evening!

Could you recommend any additional online resources to better understand windows API hooking.  Not because I wish to go any lower level then what you have written here, but so that I can better understand what exactly is going on?

I downloaded the source, ran through the tutorial, and *kind of* understand what is going on with the filemon example, but not enough that I felt I could debug my own hooks in any meaningful fashion.  My fear is ordering some expensive books from Amazon and finding out they are too low level (C/ASM) or completely off base.

Basically, what resources would you recommend learning in order to know how to use your EasyHook library to implement hooks for DrawText, ExtTextOut, WriteFile? 

I would prefer free online resources, but if anyone could recommend a book that covers it all that would be good too. 

I hope this makes sense hahaha.  BTW, I have been programming in Java/ASP.NET for the last 4 years.

May 19, 2009 at 1:03 PM

Implementing hooks is one thing, which is pretty straight forward no matter what function you want to hook. Have you hooked one, you have hooked them all in a sense. What you *do* inside the function is the challenge. I don't think you'll find books that describe what you want to do with the hooked function. Use the writefile example that comes with the Easyhook package and try to make hooks that only calls the original function first. Then go from there. It's pretty much learn as you go. Most applications behave differently, especially with DrawText/ExtTextOut so you have to experiment.