ProcessMonitor exception triggered

Apr 8, 2009 at 12:58 PM
Hi All.

The ProcessMonitor example has strange behaviour at my environment: First run is OK, next run rise the Config.Register exception "Administrative Task etc". But. Next run is also OK, nop at all. Next run - the exception again etc. But at my side the behaviour is even more complex : sometimes the several successfull runs are happens without the problems, but after the same register error happens.

I am using EasyHook 2.6 Stable under Admin rights on WinXP 32 SP2.

My attempts to dig with my test based on ProcessMonitor example refactored as console project finally got the same results (I have tryed 2 times to call Config.Register in code) for each 2nd run:
1 - FileMonInject GAC register error: Unable to install assembly in the GAC. This usually indicates either an invalid assembly path or you are not admin.
2 - FileMonInject GAC register FATAL error: The given assembly "C:__blah__\assembly\GAC_MSIL\EasyHook\\EasyHook.dll" ("C:\_blah_\assembly\GAC
_MSIL\EasyHook\\EasyHook.dll") does not exist.

I am understand what such behaviour caused by functionality which tryed to register the assemblies in GAC. Please, let me know, could it be fixed?
BTW: Finally, Thanx a LOT for the perfect job and project. Good luck to Easy Hook!

Best regards,