EasyHook binaries and source mismatch?

Nov 17, 2009 at 2:22 PM

First of all, EasyHook is by a long margin the most interesting project I've seen on CodePlex in a long time. For this I must take my metaphorical hat off to Christoph for this great project.

Now to the subject of this discussion.  I have noticed that recompiling the EasyHook 2.6 stable solution from source with VS2008 produces binaries that are significantly different from that in the 2.6 stable binary distribution.  Examples:

EasyHook 2.6 Binaries.zip (182,149 bytes, md5 36e2d7f18cc4b955574697e0de3737d7)

EasyHook.dll (49,152 bytes, md5 19b2ed366b4004af49cb9bd380f1f785)
EasyHook32.dll (98,304 bytes, md5 86a7b1535194628a2b5859aed61ef0f8)
EasyHook32Svc.exe (20,480 bytes, md5 f9e083582f17465914509d48c788274e)

EasyHook 2.6 built from source (Debug x86)

EasyHook.dll (37,888 bytes, md5 059c895ed09c2d4602fa6b04cc2294a5)
EasyHook32.dll (536,576 bytes, md5 eb93e3e7271f6ad67961808c6477eb5f)
EasyHook32Svc.exe (7,680 bytes, md5 a2aaa713a1b14882b486ee53e3d29567)

EasyHook 2.6 built from source (Release x86)

EasyHook.dll (35,840 bytes, md5 994a24170b502a09f3ff6b082dd6dc2f)
EasyHook32.dll (84,992 bytes, md5 e7844c097c183e9a9873024a4883d029)
EasyHook32Svc.exe (7,680 bytes, md5 a14af300933b8aea443e75c79f5309c7)

Although this doesn't affect me in my personal projects, surely this is an issue with the LGPL licensing?  In that if you ship the binaries, you must also be prepared to ship the (unmodified) source code that compiles these binaries.  This certainly presents a problem if it is impossible to verify whether the prebuilt and rebuilt binaries differ...?

Interested to hear others views on this.