EasyHook not allow to saveAs Word File with another name - Mostly on windows 7

Jul 23, 2015 at 12:02 PM
HI, I have using easy-hook FileProcessMonitor to monitoring the Process of word files.

I have run the fileProcessMoniter and its monitering the Word Files (WINWORD.exe), If i open the word file and do some changes and save, its working fine.
Again if i open the same/another word file and saveAs with another name its gives some error, it says "File name is not valid" also i'm not able to save the word file with another name while running the FileProcessMoniter.
And this problem does not occur if i stop the FileProcessMoniter.

If I change the ‘Privilege Level’ of word, under the ‘Compatibility’ tab, to ‘Run this program as an administrator’, then this error does not happen, and the files get saved.
Its occur on most of the windows 7 system.

Can you some one hellp me to resolve this problem
Thanks In Advance.