Catching new Desktop Windows created (HCBT_CREATEWND Hook)

Oct 31, 2012 at 4:40 AM

Hi everybody, i'm new in EasyHook. I'll explain my situation: I want to create a "Transparency Manager", It's an "simple" (??) application that tries to set the window's opacity, It's done without problems. I have a list with all topmost windows and here start the problem. In order to have that list updated in real time I was thinking about hooks usin the CBT hook with HCBT_CREATEWND. At the first time I dioscovered that using managed code I can't reach messages out from my app domain... So, I wrote an unmanaged library to use the SetWindowHookEx function and I found the same last problem.

I'm using Visual Studio 2010 (Framework 4) with C#

So... "The Existential Question": Can EasyHook solve my problem??

Maybe I'm causing trouble, but really I'm very worried because I can't solve the problem. I read a lot of articles and It seems like the is no way to use hook in VS2010 and maybe there is one solution... I hope that.

Thanks everybody.