System.NotSupportedException Error

Jan 5, 2011 at 5:23 PM

Hi, I think I'm almost done writing a working EasyHook exercize. It's just a WFA, with a webbrowser component in the main form, and what i'm trying to do is to hook recv. The problem is, when I try to compile in vs2010, i get this error:

A first chance exception of type 'System.NotSupportedException' occurred in EasyHook.dll
System.NotSupportedException: STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED:  (Code: 0)
   at EasyHook.NativeAPI.Force(Int32 InErrorCode)
   at EasyHook.RemoteHooking.InjectEx(Int32 InHostPID, Int32 InTargetPID, Int32 InWakeUpTID, Int32 InNativeOptions, String InLibraryPath_x86, String InLibraryPath_x64, Boolean InCanBypassWOW64, Boolean InCanCreateService, Object[] InPassThruArgs)
   at EasyHook.RemoteHooking.Inject(Int32 InTargetPID, InjectionOptions InOptions, String InLibraryPath_x86, String InLibraryPath_x64, Object[] InPassThruArgs)
   at Hook_Test.Form1.Run() in I:\Documents and Settings\Auron\Desktop\SimpleHook\Hook Test\Hook Test\Form1.cs:line 46
and at line 46 I have
And I really can'tfigure out what's the problem with it. Can somebody please point out what's wrong?